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 Posted: Mon Mar 8th, 2010 07:35 am
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Nope...the answer isn't WALLEYE!:D

Including the 3 we pulled out of Metro this weekend, that makes 17 total for 3 of us this winter season on LSC.

We always find shad (mostly) and other small "sunfish" in there, but we couldn't wait to cut this one open and see what that huge lump was inside of it. It looked like a python after it swallowed a rabbit!

In addition to the 3 assorted shad and whatever else, it was pretty interesting to see a very respectable 8" bluegill in its stomach!:realshock:

In surprisingly good shape...its amazing how they just swallow them whole like that!

And no...nary a walleye was found in the bellies of any of these creatures. In fact...not one perch either??? Go figure that one out???:coocoo:

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