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 Posted: Tue Dec 27th, 2005 11:27 am
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The rules below apply to everyone who uses this fourm Effective Date: Dec. 27, 2005 :

1. Rudeness to other members and especially sponsors will not be tolerated. Difference of opinion is fine and is to be expected but any out-right nasty rude exchange (s) will not be tolerated and don't be surprized when they are promptly deleted.

2. Any post that has racial overtones will be promptly deleted and that user who made it considered for


3. This is a family site. We have members and visitors of all ages. We expect that your posts recognize this fact. Any post that involves sexually objectionable language or content will be deleted. It is the judgment call of the Administrators and Moderators as to what constitutes objectionable, so if you are unsure whether or not your post is appropriate for a family audience, do not post it.

4. Posts can and will be deleted as needed. The individual will be notified either with an email message. It is also probable that a notice will be included in the message thread as to what was objectionable.

5. Any post that is intentionally made to degrade or disrupt the flow of the thread and/or posts that (in the opinion of the moderating staff) are meant to be or are malicious in content will result in a official warning. 

Trolls (see definition)  will be promptly removed.

6. Personal conflicts and grudges that have occurred among members outside of this site should stay that way. Keep it off the site. This is supposed to be a positive place for thoughts about the outdoors, not a soap opera.

The larger the gatherings of members get, the more frequently conflicts will probably occur. Again keep it off the site,.... We don't want to hear about it here via a post. We run a website. We are not the police and we don't have the time to investigate every case where somebody feels they got a raw deal from somebody else.

Finally, a personal attack on anyone, by anyone else whether it be because of a grudge at an outing, a meeting, or over a high charged topic in the forums, will be deleted by myself or a super moderator,.... no questions asked. We don't care who you are,... moderator, long time user, or first time poster. Personal messages also fall under this rule. Personal messages can be reviewed to verify what has happened.

7. Any user of these boards including moderators will be permanently banned upon receiving three warnings (strikes)  as determined from the collective moderation staff.

We still maintain the right to ban anyone immediately, no questions asked, but to date have done this very sparingly and have never taken this action (without warnings) with an established user.

8. All posts made within the forums become the property of the LSCWA (the posts themselves only, not the intellectual content) after they are made and may be stored indefinitely at our discretion.

By making new posts you affirm that you agree with this new LSCWA fourm rules. Note: Posts here may be updated from time to time.

Effective Date: Dec. 27, 2005


Last edited on Tue Dec 27th, 2005 11:30 am by bobbarnes

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