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 Posted: Tue Jan 6th, 2009 04:48 pm
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I have been using a freeware software program program called FastStone. For the price, free, it does everything any of the pay for a copy programs (in the $100 range) do. And, it sure beats any of the free programs that come with digital cameras these days. I came across references and recommendations for it from pro and amateur photographers while reading through photo newsgroups and message boards.

When you first start it the program scans your hard-drive and builds an index of directories (folders) and checks for associations with known and recognized digital graphics (extensions).

When I go to the directories that contain photos the program builds an index of all the graphics contained there and shows them in short rows of slides. It is a basic photo file management system and works real well.

It has a crop function, a resize function, and the draw function which is where the arrows can be made. It will let the user change colors, brightness, hues, rotate, flip, create slideshows and a bunch more.

For the photo above I croped it to get rid of the closed drawers and stuff to the side and then added the arrows & numbers (each is a seperate part of the draw function) and then resized it down just a touch to allow for less bandwidth and storage demand on the server.

It is a free program. After the initial start-up which is when the program configures itself it will bring up a small pop-up that suggests a donation to cover the cost. I just click on the cancel and go on and use the program. I tend to keep the program running in the taskbar for days on end so the donation window is just a minor point.

If you want a photo editing program that is similar to PhotoShop but is free then look into "The Gimp". The Gimp is basically the freeware open source for PhotoShop and most of the other photo editing programs. The Gimp will also use some of the same add on modules that PhotoShop uses. However, it is a much more advanced program and most people will find that FastStone does everything they need to do and a bit more.

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 Posted: Tue Jan 6th, 2009 07:34 pm
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I just bought a high end Cannon camera that came with good software.  But Alex turned me onto Faststone and it is way better and easier to use than the software that came with the camera.  Now I use Faststone all the time.   Damn,  I could make a comercial for Faststone.

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